Workshop: Deep Dive--Digital Transformation with Vibe, Thursday 20th July – 1.45pm – 5pm


Deep Dive: Digital Transformation with Vibe

Presenter: Christian Giese

This is a workshop-style Deep Dive where you can just watch and learn, or try Vibe out for yourself! All you need is a proper Browser and internet access, we provide a system for you.

In our Session about Vibe as a solver of problems, we listed a number of possible use cases in the field of Digital Transformation. Let’s take a closer look at some and how to implement them using Vibe’s amazing no-code features for building Forms and Workflows! You can also bring your own and we’ll either build it as an example or come up with a plan for you on how to do it.

The draft agenda for the main conference can be found HERE and you may register for the Conference HERE. We are waiting on a few minor updates to the agenda and the online files will be updated as soon as we have them.


Attendance at the weekend workshops is not dependent on you attending the full conference week and these require a separate registration using this LINK.


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