Webinar at TTP event: Vibe-- It Solves All* Your Problems, July 17


3.55pm ‐ 5pm

Speaker: Christian Giese, Code & Concept

Digital Transformation is an example for one of the harder problems many of us have to face. We take a look at what it is and how to tackle it using the toolbox that solves all* your problems for the low, low cost of climbing a learning curve.

Many of us have licensed a software bundle that includes a Vibe license or entitlement but have never given it a good look. Let’s see how Vibe helps you tackle Digital Transformation, and see what you need to start – from minimum effort to going all out.

Then, do yourself a favour: install and use it! You can follow us down the rabbit hole with two workshop‐style Deep Dive afternoons where you can try out Vibe, play with it and learn, or just watch and learn.
(* for a given value of "All")

The draft agenda for the main conference can be found HERE and you may register for the Conference HERE. We are waiting on a few minor updates to the agenda and the online files will be updated as soon as we have them.


Attendance at the weekend workshops is not dependent on you attending the full conference week and these require a separate registration using this LINK.



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