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To inform you all that Vibe is released and is now available for our customers. The updated binaries are available for download from the SLD. The mobile apps are available in their respective stores. For more information, please visit: ( (vibe-

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With this patch, the team has made branding changes for Vibe server, mobile apps and Windows Client.


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  • Hi Seloro, i can confirm, the old desktop clients don't work and i don't have found new desktop client for mac, linux or window.

    Access with the internet explorer works fine.

    For this, i had open a case by OT-Support since 2 weeks and they mean that mariadb database will not run, but this is not so, the status from the database is good and runs (see access over explorer)

    we had not only a software trouble, but also a support big problem

  • Thanks Claude, I was already a little desperate.That makes me feel a little better, even though it's not a solution, but admins will understand me. By the way, my name is Ufuk Serbest from the University of Art and Design Linz.I have to edit my profile. 

    Best regards and thanks again

  • Thanks, can you send me a private message with your email. You had in Austrai a super groupwise, vibe, filr specialist that even publish his experience here! I am in Germany near the old capitol Bonn, 40km under Köln

  • Hi Seloro,

    do the clients give the error message that the server is not a vibe server? If so, then the issue is a ReST endpoint. If you go to the URL

    <your vibe server>/rest/release_info/ 

    you can see an XML element "product_name". This will show "OpenText Vibe". The Desktop client expects "Micro Focus Vibe" or "Novell Vibe".

    I have done some code digging and found taht the server until supports older Desktop Clients by using the property "" given in Since the rest-lib uses "", which does not match the expectations of the desktop client.

    So to fight the symptom if you positively have to (at your own risk, of course Wink) you can go to (the admin documentation shows you how to find it) and change the "" property back to "Micro Focus Vibe". We have done some quick testing and have not seen issues coming from that change, but that does by no means say there can be none.

    I think preferrably we should either get a new desktop client (there are other issues I have with the current one, so that would be good), or the release-info endpoint should use the legacy-property again.