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VM Explorer 7.1.3 - New HotFix Release

Updated documentation yesterday and released the patch - files available here:

The zip includes the 7.1.1 installer, 7.1.3 hotfix and PDF documentation listed on the page.

New features:

This is a consolidated patch containing the below supported
platforms in addition to the 7.1.2 defects/enhancements.
1.Incremental backup of virtual machines hosted on ESX 7.0
2.TLS 1.2 for SMTP connections for E-Mail reporting
3.Support of backup/restore of Virtual Machines hosted on
Hyper-V 2019


1. VMX 7.1.3 contains EASendMail.dll to support TLS 1.2
for email notifications. VMX does not use EASendMail20.dll
when using this hotfix.

2. With VMX 7.1.3, the below listed options that do not use
the VD service is not supported, because of an issue with
vSphere ESXi version 7.0.

a. If the selected target host is "Local Computer" or an
ESXi server, then below options are not supported

- "The target directory must not exist, it will be
- "If the target directory exists, then it must be
- "If the target directory exists, archive existing
files in the target directory."
- "If the target directory exists, overwrite existing
files in the target directory."

b. For any target host other than "Local Computer" or an
ESXi server, the option "Full backup" is not supported.