ESXi password changed

Hi, we are using ESXi 6.5 (free edition) and VM Explorer Professional 6.4 (licensed version).

We changed the password of the ESXi server with the consequence, that the back-up jobs of VM Explorer abort because they don't get a valid connection.

My question: How can I update the passwort in VM Explorer?

If I go to "Datacenter" I find on the left panel the name of our ESXi server with the additional remark "unautorized". I assume this is because of the changed password.

In the right area I find a window, which shows an overview about this ESXi machine. There I have the options "Refresh", "Browse", "Edit" and "Remove". If I press "Edit", a new window is opened with the options
- Name&Location
- Connection Settings   <---
- Port Settings

I expect that the new password has to be entered with the option "Connection Settings". However, this (and all other) options are grey and cannot be opened.

So: Where and how can I enter the new password of the ESXi machine?

Thx for your help!