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Technology Showcase—Remote Worker Productivity

homework.jpg“Remote collaboration in some form or another is the new normal,” as one writer puts it. Users, administrators, and teammates can assume nothing, while their infrastructure and means of collaboration need urgent review. Micro Focus’ Nick Scholz explains how a new approach to employee empowerment can turn the remote worker challenge into a genuine opportunity.


Be sure to also read Digitisation World’s “A resilient approach to remote working,” by Joe Garber, global head of strategy and solutions at Micro Focus.

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Product and Related News

Before we get into the latest updates, note that we added a new solution to the IM&G toolbox. Read Ken Lamb’s blog to find out more.

  • Manage risk and reduce backup cost with Micro Focus Data Protector.
  • Streamline your compliance archiving—check out our new Archiving Resources page.
  • Learn how to make a business case for compliance with Digital Safe 10.
  • Check out our fabulous new Content Manager Select page.
  • Build a truly effective FAQ system with Micro Focus IDOL.

Upcoming Webinars

Webinars help us stay social while distanced. Check out the schedule and join as many as you wish—attendance is free:

  • What’s New in Data Protector 2020.11?—January 12, 2021. Register here.
  • Archiving & Information Governance in 2021—What Lies Ahead?—January 13, 2021. Register here.
  • 5 Killers of Your Data Security (and How to Fix Them)—January 28, 2021. Register here.
  • Smarter Content Management for 2021 – February 3, 2021. Register here.
  • IDOL for All: IDOL to join AWS Marketplace—February 11, 2021. Register here.

Available On-Demand

Re-watch or catch up with recent IM&G webinars:

  • ZENcast Live! ZENworks Certificates and Certificate System Update Processeswatch here.
  • ZENcast Live! Discussing all things Full Disk Encryption—watch here.
  • Mobile Archiving Challenges & Solutions (featuring Retain)—watch here.
  • Archiving: Safeguarding Enterprise Compliance in the Post-COVID Era (featuring Digital Safe)watch here.
  • Archiving: Collaboration & Social Media Governance (featuring Retain)watch here.
  • Archiving & Office 365 (featuring Retain)view here.

Press and Partner Coverage

In case you missed it

  • Check out the new Content Manager Select brochure & introductory video.
  • Catch up on our latest blog: Compliance in the Remote Workforce Era.
  • Discover ZENworks Service Desk 8.2—learn more.
  • Upgrade from Storage Manager to File Dynamics—Help is at hand.
  • Read the Micro Focus Digital Safe 10 (German language) press article.
  • Overcome the low-latency challenge—new Digital Safe article.
  • See release highlights for IDOL 12.7: learn more.

Customer Story Spotlight



Fifty million records, tens of thousands of users, major internal upheaval. Micro Focus Content Manager tackles NICS’ content conundrum. Read on.



Are You Community Spirited?

We’re delighted to see many of you engage with the Micro Focus IM&G community. More than 11,000 unique visitors spent time there last month. Just for fun, here are the three most popular topics consumed recently. Thousands have browsed each article—have you read them all yet?

  • Smarter Data and Smarter People Make for Smarter Outcomes.
  • Compliance Archiving for Enterprise Resiliency.
  • Compliance Archiving Gets Cloud Smart.

Insight Empowered

Insight.pngTwo of your most critical organizational assets are your people and their data. Learn about our renewed focus on customer-centric technology—Insight Empowered.

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