April Newsletter: Info Management and Governance


Catch up on Micro Focus Universe!

Hero_17439.pngMicro Focus Universe was crammed with Information Management and Governance (IM&G) content. If you missed a session, then you are in luck. This edition of the IM&G newsletter captures all the playback. Explore the Universe from wherever you are right now!

What can you learn?

  • Event Keynote: James Barclay, Team Director, Jaguar Racing discussed our new technical partnership with Jaguar Racing. He explained how working together would help power digital transformation and leverage analytics and improve results on and off the track.
  • The IM&G Keynote: Scott Richards, VP and General Manager at Micro Focus discusses how our proven solutions for data analysis, management archiving, and governance help to leverage your two most important assets—data and people.
  • Other sessions include: Keeping Businesses Running–Recovery from Cloud and Local Data Storage, Managing and Protecting Remote Users, Devices, and Data and Secure Data Protection–Why Critical Applications Need It.

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New ‘Insight Empowered’ eBook

Postings on the IM&G Community Site focus on the challenges of applying smart management to #infogov, and the rapidly unfolding data explosion. This new #eBook can help.

View the eBook here.


What’s next for Archiving & Info Governance?

We are bringing the discussion between Micro Focus Product Marketing Manager Achmad Chadran and Michael Osterman as a series of four topic-specific blogs, What Lies Ahead?, which is already available.

  1. The State of Information Governance Pre-COVID
  2. Post-Pandemic Shifts in Strategy
  3. New Risk Factors
  4. Managing Compliance and Consequences

View the interview here


Webinar: Archiving Horror Stories

Don’t miss this webinar on April 22 to hear Tom Bachrach, Micro Focus Lead Consulting Principal, share his colourful archiving and information governance experiences with many high-profile global financial services companies.

What you will learn:

  • The problems of plug-and-play solutions
  • How the stealthiest governance leak can be the costliest
  • Getting the most from your information governance solution provider


New Release:

Content Manager 10.0 is now available: Check out the website.

Other assets include:

  • Content Manager 10 Launch Blog – Read here.
  • The Content Manager Advantage brochure – Read here.
  • What’s New – Content Manager 10 – Read here.
  • Content Manager brochure – Read here.


Data Protector Protection Widens

Data Protector now offers support for online applications, starting with Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. Get full details of the 2021.02 release by checking the release blog.

Data Protector sessions from the recent Micro Focus Universe are now available on demand. Highlights include a capabilities overview, a long-time customer use case – and both augmented the resources in the Exhibition Hall’s Demo Zone. More at the post-Universe Data Protector blog.

  • Data Protector 2021.02 Release Announcement blog – Read here.
  • Are you making the most of your backup software – Post Universe Data Protector overview – Read here.
  • Microsoft 365 Exchange Online backup and restore demo – View here.


Blog Hub

  • Too much information: Living with Data Explosion FalloutRead here.
  • Magnificent! Micro Focus Named Leader in Radicati Information Archiving Report for a Seventh YearRead here.
  • Content Manager 10 – Diving DeeperRead here.
  • What you need to know about IDOL’s entity extractionRead here.
  • Immediate Insight – Micro Focus IDOL supports Jaguar RacingRead here.
  • Post Pandemic Shifts in Information Governance StrategyRead here.
  • Micro Focus is an Industry Leader in Consulting within Information Management and governance: Read here.
  • Micro Focus Data Discovery: Find and Protect Sensitive Data on Open Enterprise Server: Read here.


Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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