Webinar: Modernizing Enterprise Search for a Multi-Cloud World, April 8



Modernizing Enterprise Search for a Multi-Cloud World

Live online Apr 8 5:00 pm CET
or after on demand 

More and more companies are adopting a multi-cloud and hybrid IT approach for meeting their customer demands. This approach creates both opportunities and challenges for information and knowledge discovery teams.

The traditional approach to enterprise search is no longer suitable to meet today’s business needs. It is time to modernize your enterprise search systems. It does not mean you have to rip and replace your existing systems. Have you thought about an alternative approach that is cost-effective and transformative at the same time?

Register for this webinar to learn the best practices and a proven methodology to modernize your enterprise search and knowledge discovery systems using applied artificial intelligence platform – Micro Focus IDOL.

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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