Webinar: Mission-Critical Conflicts – When MS Teams Undermines Compliance Requirements

Osterman Research recently found a high rate of employees trying to use Microsoft Teams and other collaboration products to circumvent compliance requirements, then intentionally seeking to conceal their actions. In many cases, this is not the result of nefarious actions on the part of employees, but their attempt to work with as few encumbrances as possible.

Business’s embrace of Microsoft Teams has raised numerous conflicts between user needs and mission-critical compliance requirements. These tensions can frustrate the work of Information Governance and IT professionals. Left unchecked, these conflicts can threaten the standing and reputation of the organizations they serve.

How can organizations benefit from Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration innovations while managing against compliance risk exposure?

Register now for a Q&A webinar with Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst at Osterman Research, on August 12, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. PT, to learn:

• Why the concerns of Compliance and Legal officers have largely been sidestepped by other executive stakeholders
• How commonplace Social Collaboration-assisted insider actions are today
• What Information Governance professionals should know about the limitations of Microsoft’s native retention policies
• Why the ability of these native archiving capabilities to meet archiving and compliance requirements are expected to degrade over the next three years

This webinar will highlight the research findings and analytical insights of Osterman Research’s white paper, Archiving and Data Protection with Microsoft Teams.
Live online Aug 12 5:00 pm Germany - Berlin 
or after on demand 60 mins
Presented by
Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst at Osterman Research


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