Strange question

I have a strange question. I created a report that produces the last scan date for all of our computers running the agent. I have multiple computers that show up in the report, but those computer names, when searching ZCC, are not listed on the server. I thought it was odd that there were a bunch of computers whose last scan date was 2 years ago. When I investigated by searching ZCC for those computers, I couldn't find them in ZCC

Does this make sense?

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    Actually, if your filtering is off a bit, you can see exactly this situation. Devices you "delete" from ZENworks are marked for deletion without actually removing data from the database. Until the purge functionality was reintroduced a couple of releases ago, ZENworks databases were building up dusty old records in the database with no real way to get rid of them. To a degree, these records can be used to run a hardware asset management system that can be used to report on equipment no longer in the enterprise. At the same time, if you have software associated with those records, you can have a very poor idea of your actual licensing position. The much preferred way to accomplish this is to flag old devices as "retired," allowing you to report on retired hardware with established database flags, and to have software on retired devices automatically removed from licensing calculations. Micro Focus will even let you keep these records in the database at no cost after devices have been retired for a minimum of 30 days.