Relationship between software collections & licensed product

I am trying to deal with the situation where I have a suite of products and then some standalone licenses of some of the same software titles (28 licenses of the suite, 19 of one standalone and 18 of another). I need to be able to one accurately determine if I am under or over in the installations and then determine who is actually using the software. I don't see or understand the licensing for suites / collections. What is the relationship between "Licensed Products" and "Software Collections"?

In tracking the licenses, do I create "Licensed Products" entries for each component of the suite and in the case of the standalone licenses, increase the number?
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  • Without looking at the actual data it's hard to answer this question. Best guess I can make from your brief description is that there may be some versions that are seen in the full inventory that - for whatever reason - are being auto-excluded by the compliance engine when calculating discovered products. Or, maybe it's as simple as the compliance engine not running since the inventory was loaded? Compliance engine only runs once a day and inventory counts are updated in real time as loads take place. Beyond those guesses, I'd have to look at data to see if there's something amiss to recommend a bug filing.