ZAM compliance report grouped by site/department/cost center

We have a customer who wants to manage his licenses separately between multipe organizational units within the company.

In the compliance report the customer wants to see the installation counts for the different organizational units.

In earlier version of ZAM (for sure in ZAM 7.5) the compliance report could be grouped by site/departmen/cost center. In ZAM 11.4 and ZAM 2017, we can only differentiate regarding purchase records, however the number of discovered products cannot be split into numbers by OU's.

Their current use case in practice:
They moved 100 machines into Cost Center1 and 200 machines into Cost Center2.

They would like to see a report that Cost Center 1 uses x number of licenses and Cost Center2 uses y number of licenses.

How can we achieve that with ZAM?

Gergely Turcsik