Adding Lease Expire Date info to existing devices

We have only recently activated asset module.
We currently have 6500 devices managed by Zenworks
We would like to import the Lease Expire date for our workstations into Zenworks so it can be used
in reports.
I have read the relevant sections in the Asset Mgt module doco, but can't seem to find anything
that describes how to do this.....
Is it possible to import 6500 device lease expire dates to add to information about existing devices.

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  • Interesting question, and one that comes with a bunch of questions to drill down on a) where your data is coming from and b) where it needs to go to in the ZENworks schema. A first thought is that the from-and-to are probably outside of the specs in the standard LDAP import task process, so a custom process is probably indicated. Apologies for not finding this note sooner, but if six months down the calendar this is still an issue, please feel free to drop me a note directly at bruce@consultbruce,com and we can try to fill in some of the additional information.