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Discovered Products and Inventory Only agent

Hi there,

Is it normal that products fingerprinted and discovered by the Inventory Only agent do not show under the "Discovered Products" list?
Is it even possible to use any of the ZAM features with inventory only agents?

  • I would expect recognition in the KB file set used by the managed agents to be utilized the same way by the inventory-only agent. And I would expect inventory uploaded by either agent to run through the Discovered Products filter and be evaluated equally. If that is not the case, then (in my opinion) that's either a) a bug or b) someone needs to explain to me why that's not a bug because c) that's a bug. Just sayin'...
  • Hello,

    had the same question to Novell support some weeks ago - cause i couldn't find my sql-server instances in discovered products from "inventory only server" ;) comes the answer from tech support:

    We got acknowledged that it is working as designed.

    We don't do Software Asset Management for Inventory Only Devices. Also, as the name suggests, inventory only agent (IOA) just has the inventory module and does not have the ZAM module enabled (full agent). The product licensing also differs for IOA vs ZAM. IOA deployment is suggested if customers just want to do basic inventory of their devices and create reports.
    (See the Note)

    So to get that information from the SQL server I suggest to do the following:
    - Install the full agent
    - Disable the agent components not needed on the SQL server. Like Bundle Management, Policy Management, Image Mangement, etc...depending on what you would like to have. For example, if you use ZCM also for Patch Management, you can keep the Patch Management Agent component active and use it to patch your SQL server.

    In this way you have the full agent installed, but only the components active which you need (Like Asset Management and Inventory Management)
  • OK, I have no choice but to stipulate that it's working as designed.

    I will then take the position that the design is wrong and should be improved. Excluding IOA data from license calculations makes zero sense.

    I've created an idea to have this changed - Please vote for that idea!