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Logging application/software installation date

Status: New Idea

Currently ZAM can only tell if an application/software has been installed, if there is a delta between two inventory scans. However this can be really inaccurate when we have to create a detailed software reports.

It would be great, if ZAM could log the install date of each application/software, since this is possible via extracting from ARP.

What do you guys think?

  • Excellent Idea.....

    This data can be pulled from

    #1 - WMI

    #2 - The ARP Registry (May contain items not in WMI)

    #3 - Based on Application Install Folder (May be useful if missing in WMI and ARP but also had TIME not just date as prior two.  

    Any solution would likely build upon all 3.  Personally, I would trust the folder timestamp the least, but useful if other data is not available.


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