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Reporting on installed driver versions

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Waiting for Votes

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Configure ZENworks agent to collect all the driver versions for all devices that are showing up in the device manager and then run reports to show all devices with a specific driver version.
Similar results to running the following powershell script:
Get-WmiObject Win32_PnPSignedDriver| select DeviceName, Manufacturer, DriverVersion
  • Okay, thanks. That at least clears things up a bit so I can find another way of looking up the driver versions. All I really need for now is the version of a specific driver, anyway.

  • This "Idea" is a "Great" idea but has not yet been implemented.  

    However, it is possible with ZCM to achieve your specific goals.  It would require steps about telling ZCM to collect specific info about a specific driver for which you are concerned.

    Exactly how that can be done is better covered in the general support area.  While it could address your concerns about a specific driver....By no means would it address collecting all driver info.


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  • I hate to necro something over a year old, but this is almost exactly what I am looking for. We have an audio driver we are rolling out via ZW and while the rollout seems mostly fine so far, I can't find anything about audio drivers anywhere in the existing device inventories. A bit frustrating when we are trying to see if there are any devices not yet updated for whatever reason.

    I don't suppose I've simply missed some ZW function that does this elsewhere?