Idea ID: 2874730

ZENworks in the cloud

Status: New Idea

This may be a bigger overall roadmap kind of item, but it would be nice to be able to deploy a ZENworks appliance from a cloud marketplace. There are multiple ideas here so I may break them out individually, but from a cloud-centric deployment this is what would be nice:

I deal mostly with Azure, so some of this may be Azure leaning, but being able to deploy a ZENworks appliance, tie it to Azure AD (which is NOT Active Directory, nor is it LDAP complaint), and be able to quickly and consistently deploy appliance upgrades would be great, especially for small businesses and schools.

There are some cloud appliances that can be deleted and redeployed while keeping the configuration - it just points it to aa Azure storage blob or S3 bucket for configuration specifics and image data, so as the upgrades continue you just deploy the new version and move on.  ZENworks is really close to that model already, you'd just need to see what it would take to change the back-end storage.  Maybe even allow tiering to different levels of storage (for apps that get retired, ZENworks could move the application data to the archive tier of storage - lower cost)

Adding cost info for data transfers - everything coming out of the cloud costs money so enabling some simple data transfer logging between appliances would help people understand the costs of deploying various apps from a cloud point of view (e.g. a software package is 100GB in size; a standard data transfer cost added by the customer allows ZENworks to calculate the cost for each transfer of that application to an on-premise device, or to the next tier; that cost could be shown in the details of the software package in ZENworks).

Adding tagging-type values to devices, much like AWS or Azure tagging (and possibly tying into that tagging directly could be useful). 

I know Azure and AWS have their own patching and management configurations, but if you have a hybrid environment, being able to easily extend ZENworks into the cloud space brings the ease of use and reporting capabilities that I don't think the native tools have.