still daily: [ERROR] [6280] [ZavListener] [] [SYSTEM] [ZavOutput.log] [ProductEvent failure error: -1008] [ERROR] [] [] [] [ZENworks]

I'm running 23.3 with FTF 334 and still getting one or two of these errors almost every day on every workstation:

10/11/2023 12:32:45 PM -- [ERROR] [6280] [ZavListener] [] [SYSTEM] [ZavOutput.log] [ProductEvent failure error: -1008] [ERROR] [] [] [] [ZENworks]

It's not as bad as it was with 2020U2, but still annoying that I can't depend on a device showing in an error state actually meaning something and that I have to spend time cleaning up the errors every couple of days

Is there any fix for this?