Antimalware Update Entitlement

Looks like getting license code is hard nut to crack. Most support persons doesn´t know that if you have ZESM you will get it for free. Second stage is trying to activate ZESM and update it to 2020.2, which will do nothing.

Currently still no Antimalware licence code.


  • Do you have ZESM specifically listed in SLD?  Did you activate any of the ZESM Licenses?

    After doing this, it may still take some time as currently the Anti-Malware Keys are still manually generated.

    I was told 24-48hrs is the normal delay.

    Hopefully, the process will improve over time.

    I was just chatting about this with the PM in charge of the product yesterday and likely more during the coming week on the topic.

    As always you can email and they should get you a key.

    Note: Once you upgrade to 2020 and enable everything, Anti-Malware can be enabled with a built-in trial key that lasts 60 days.


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  • Once you upgrade to 2020.2 (Minor Correction...Forgot the .2, which is where the Anti-Malware is added)


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  • I did upgrade to 2020.2, but didn´t wait. I will look on SLD on Monday, if there is the Anti-Malware license.


  • I doesn´t work, after I do Activation update to 2020.2, only what I get, are these license files :

    AA Limited - Expires October 2025I.lic
    Endpoint Security Mgmt.txt

    nothing else.


  • This new SLD portal is total PITA.

    First, there is no way for customer to know, that if you want 20.2 licenses you must "Upgrade" them in the portal, which is also not very user friendly process. After you do the upgrade, the licenses are "Pending", and have been so for 5 days now...

    Also regarding partner licenses, I guess we must also wait for 20.2 licenses version, as the current "Suite" license does not count for antimalware activation.

    And lastly, if you market that antimalware is part of ZESM, then ZESM (or Suite) license should be all that is needed.

  • Verified Answer

    #1 - If you are having issues getting your Anti-Malware Key when following the Steps I outlined, please open a Non-Technical Ticket and or Email

    Furthermore, I know many folks are working to try and improve the system.  The issues seen by customers are flowing up to higher-level management who are being forced to address issues as they arise.  Hence I know the difficulties seen by some customers does have visibility and these managers want nothing more than things to flow more smoothly so they can focus on items other than licensing.

    Some Fixes are already in place, Some Fixes are in the design/testing phases...

    Things will come together...


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  • that was 5 months ago and nothing changed, is very hard to get antimalware license even after one is expired, in SLD is still nothing and getting license is task for more than two days ... Face palm


  • Sorry to hear you are still having issues.

    If you can email me some of the details around your current issue, I can loop in someone who can resolve this for you in the short term.

    PS - While we are all aware that SLD is having some growing pains....I was informed today that the issue with Patches not appearing across all of the ZENworks SKUs may have finally been fixed.  So things are progressing.


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