AntiMalware - Linux Primary Server - Enabling Kafka

Good day, 

I just started working with Antimalware in my testing lab(s) in one of the environments I was able to proceed through the documentation , and was able to bring my AW application to a working/monitoring state. 

When I tried to process through in my production setting, I get stopped at the section, Add a Linux Primary Server, Enable Kafka status Failed, the error message states the Primary server name: Node 2, the enablement state : Failed, click here for help, and click Enable Kafka to try enabling Kafka again. When I click the Help link, it takes me to the Getting Started : Endpoint Security page and tells me about the Eval period, Trial Key, and License key which I assume means that it's not accepting my license key ( I used the same key in my testing lab and again that is working) first question do I need a different key for the Production setting? I was also able to manually start the Kafka on Node 2, and I can see in Diagnostics that all the services are running. So not sure why I cannot get the Kafka to enable on that node other than it might be licensing that's causing an issue.

Are there any logs I can look at that might shed more light into this? 

Thank you,