Idea ID: 2783286

Make bitlocker encryption exclusions possible

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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If you create a zenworks encryption policy you're able to exclude defined devices.

If you create a microsoft encryption policy (bitlocker) this option doesn't seem to be present.
Please add this option to bitlocker encryption policies.

Who would want this?
Probably everyone with an ms environment.

Why is it valuable?
That way users wouldn't be bothered with the encryption popup upon attaching their usb devices - even when no encryption is needed/possible (cameras/smartphones).

How would it be used?
Just like the zenworks encryption policy. There should be a list of excluded devices in the "details" tab.

How does this differ from related ideas/existing features?
I didn't find an idea considering this on here.
Currently there simply isn't any "exclude this device"-feature for ms encryption policies in zenworks :(.