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Device Malware Signature Version Dashlet (Dashboard) - additional last update columns

Status: New Idea


I noticed on the Device Malware Signature Version dashlet that you have the Last Contact for the device be good to have the last update time for the agent and signature.

When you go to an individual device the data is there like this

Antimalware Agent
Last Updated:
Oct 29       Update Now
Malware Signature
Last Updated:
1:00 PM       Update Now

We are seeing device with the latest last contact of now however not having the latest signature. We are having to go into each device and check when did it last update.

The last contact is also misleading as this looks like its taken from the ZENworks main core agent, where antimalware has its own updating/status process as when you look at the device in AM tab it says - Last Status Update: Today at 1:50 PM for the above example but in the dashlet it say last contact is 3:50pm. So should that not be there as well.