Chrome_elf.dll unable load

Hi All

    I use mfdc 20.9 to try using snapshot chrome ( version 90, it should be latest version) on win7 x64 sp1

then it was been generate and I place it to win10 (2004) to testing....

it show chrome_elf.dll unable to load.....

who had experience to teach me the reason and fix method ??




  • Most likely the snapshot was not taken on a clean machine but here are some general thoughts...

    1. Always perform the Snapshot on a Clean Machine.  In most cases nothing more than the OS and MFDC
    2. Consider using the "Monitor Install" Feature in MFDC 20.x instead of the capture method, especially if having difficulty with a snapshot.  Each methodology has advantages and perhaps if one method does not work, then try the other.
    3. Try using the Professionally Created Packages as a base when possible.   Modify them to suit your needs.  Example - Use the Chrome Instructions to Add a Language to the virtual chrome as well as other changes, then "Merge the Snapshot" back to the base.

    To your specific question about that error, I've never heard of it but it would be very difficult to troubleshoot a failed snapshot.  Most likely there are missing DLLs, Missing Registry Entries, etc... 

    The simplest fix would likely to update the existing professional builds, versus trying to build your own.  The technical skill level is much lower.

    Also some basic troubleshooting.....

    • Did the Virtual App run on the Same Machine on which it was built while the original software was still installed? (Win7 SP1 with Chrome on the machine as a result of the virtual app build?)
    • Did the Virtual App run on the Same Machine when it was reverted to its clean state? This would be the VM reverted to a clean state w/o Chrome.
    • Does the Virtual App run on Other machines?  If not, there could be missing dependencies that need to be added, but this is minimized with a clean install.  If the Base machine and target machine vary in some ways such as 32bit vs 64bit, there may need to be tweaked to the virtual app.  Win7 vs Win10...Does the App install differently for different operating systems and perhaps make some different changes?  If there is an issue going between Architecture or OS, consider building a virtual app that is specific.  While it may be possible to tweak the Virtual App to cross over in cases where there are differences, this is added complexity that may require building snapshots across operating different environments and merging which is highly complex.

    But my primary recommendation would be to use start with the professional build and make sure it works.  Then modify that build to include what you need such as new language files or defaults.  This is far less complex.

    As far as creating one's own snapshot, there is not normally anything specific to "Chrome" to do this.   However, I generally perform the snapshot on an Operating System vastly closer to that to which it would be deployed.   Something such as perhaps the oldest version of Win 10 in my deployed base.  Windows 1903 was EOL last year, so I would hope no devices are older than that and could perhaps be a good base unless my environment was standardized to a more current version.


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  • HI
    I use TID7017277 to build clear OS to install MFDC.
    then using snapshot to capture Chrome install procedure..
    but it run anothet clear Win10 & Itry revert the MFDC server to clear OS...this Application still occur this error.
    I check file list that MFDC capture , this file indeed been captured , but run this virtual APP occur this file could not bee load.

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