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Split large applications

Hi there,

I'm just making first experiences with MFDC Studio 20 containering some Standalone Applications. I was successful with some smaller apps but now struggeling with Matlab. The exe become much too big. So I have tried to process a svm and then create a small exe with the svm-file as an imported layer. This process is described in the user guide but seems to refer to older version 12.7. In version 20 there is no Button "svm's" and I cannot get it to start with importing the svm file as a layer.

So what is the trick and will this work if the svm is still greater 4 GB?

An option "split image ..." whould be great.



  • Yes, In theory it will work if the SVM is over 4GB.

    I have built virtual apps with SVMs well over 4GB.

    That being said, I know someone who recently built a MATLAB virtual app and they ended up splitting the "Large SVM" into smaller SVMs.

    So there was the small core EXE and then 6 SVMs/Layers added to that.

    I can't recall all the details on why but when the SVMs get HUGE it does help to break them up.


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  • Many thanks for your answer.

    Yes, I also know somebody who was able to build a Matlab Container as described but he used version 12.7. Unfortunately the user guide to version 20 describes only features from version 12.7 and screenshots are also from version 12.7. The option to wrap a small exe around a svm-container seems to be pulled off from version 20. I have tried to include matlab.svm as a layer an then build a standalone-exe but failed to get a small startup-exe.

    Perhaps somebody can provide a step by step guide how to proceed in version 20?

    How can Matlab be splitted into smaller svm's?

  • Verified Answer

    Sorry, yes it does look like they moved that setting....

    The docs for the process are old can be found here...

    The process should still be the same but the "SVMs" Button can now be found here...



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  • Yeah, this does the trick!

    Many Thanks for your assistance.

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