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Desktop container 20



i am a little bit lost with the new version. I only want to use the studio to virtualize Firefox. In the new studio i did not found the wizard so i try to capture the installation of Firefox msi 78.4 Esr on a win10 2004. But after the build it launch blank page and i could not use it. I try to play with settings, like "enable startup optimization", but i did not find the correct settings i guess. I find it hard to get some information from the documentation.

Before like some years ago with older version of the studio i successflully virtualize many applications, so i really don't understand what i am missing.





  • Well after several try, i try to test my application on a windows where Firefox is not installed. When i launch it it says that C:\program files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe does not exist.

    When i check my project i can see the files, my application is 250Mo in size.

    Normally firefox.exe should be execute inside the virtual container ?

    What can i do about this ?


    Thank you

  • Well apparently it has something related to "Enable startup optimization". Now my firefox launch and is blank. Nothing happen, i go in options and i can only close firefox by using menu/Quit Firefox. I will open a SR


  • Suggested Answer

    I apologize this was not followed up on...

    There have been several changes in the product during the past year.
    I believe they corrected this.

    Please let me know if this is still an issue in the latest version 21.7.

    Paul Pedron

    Micro Focus Product Manager