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MFDC is rebranded to Hybrid Workspaces

Micro Focus Desktop Containers is rebranded to Hybrid Workspaces to focus on the added benefits of todays world of remote, the "Application Streaming server".
The ability to publish and launch applications to any device, anywhere.  The Application Streaming Server is a powerful component in today's remote workers life, easing the pain.

  • Launch applications on any platform/device
  • Applications don't need to be installed on personal devices
  • Retrieve working data from established Cloud Storage Providers or internal storage mappings
  • Session Handoff keeps remote workers on the move 
  • Protect Users from harmful sites
  • Add onto Academic LMS systems
  • Users log into their own portal
  • ...and more

The Hybrid Workspaces (aka Micro Focus Desktop Containers) product family consists of several components;

  • HW Studio Packager
  • HW Deployment Hub
  • HW Repository (preconfigured apps)
  • HW Application Streaming Server

Review the complete and latest uses for Hybrid Workspaces by visiting the Hybrid Workspaces site and in this Hybrid Workspaces Datasheet.

If you are interested to include the Application Streaming Server, refer to your sales representative.

Paul Pedron

Micro Focus Product Manager