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provide normal or common japplication snapshot procedure

Status: Delivered

This is long time coming...but we investigated the solution.

The Turbo document about Legacy Internet Explorer and Java should do the trick.

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Hi All

      Usually, customer need use use MFDC , mainjor reason to use old application....and we meet usually need let IE/Chrome/firefox and join add-on (java or openjdk, sometime they could not use turbo template....maybe he need specifiec version or language)

     But like me  , usually could not run snapshot and generate package well. 

Whether MFDC product team could release official document to provide correct step/ procedure for these  common application (IE/Chrome/FireFox/Java/open JDK) snapshtot procedure...let us could first complete ustomer basic requirement.....partner do not need spent much time to package these common application again &again and still not know which correct procedure for these common apps