Publishing RDP sessions with local sound through ZENworks

By Daniel Hedblom

Editor's Note: For additional info, see this TID.

PROBLEM: By default, sound is not forwarded to the local client if you publish RDP/ Windows Terminal sessions from ZENworks. In ConsoleOne there isn't any place to set sound to be local and no apparent way to inject the setting. It's thus not possible to publish an application from a Windows Terminal Server and get sound from that server on the local client.

SOLUTION: By using an LDAP editor or a ConsoleOne installation without ZENworks plugins installed you can see the thin client settings and change them to your liking. In this case you look up the object in the tree and edit its information.

EXAMPLE: The key ZenappThinClientSettings in the tree holds the settings ZENworks forwards to the local rdp client. The key is found in the ZENworks application object you want local sound on. By editing ZenappThinClientSettings you can enable sound. Choose the key and press edit. Find the value <SoundModeValue=0/> and change it to <SoundModeValue=1/>. Save and refresh the application you want sound on the local client and start it. You should now have a RDP session published through ZENworks with working local sound.

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