ZENworks Training jumpstarts ZENworks Configuration Management deployment


Spark National Technical Training is focused on delivering advanced training on NovellRegistered applications and platforms. And because each Spark National customer has different requirements, the company wanted more training options to ensure all its clients’ needs were being met. With a new course and new delivery methods provided by Novell, Spark National was able to deliver flexible and accessible training services to students who would have otherwise been unable to complete the Novell product certification course.

Spark National Technical Training, located in Toronto, Ontario, is recognized by its clients and suppliers as one of the best places to find knowledgeable instructors that have the real-world experience relevant to the courses they teach. Spark National is one of our many training facilities that specialize in the delivery of Novell training and is the leading supplier of Novell channel-led training in Canada.

Spark National’s clients are among the most avid Novell users in the country. Many of the company’s clients use Novell ZENworksRegistered products to manage their systems and resources, and many are eager to upgrade to the exciting new product, Novell ZENworks Configuration Management. However, many companies that attempted to install ZENworks Configuration Management ran into issues that, while solvable, were discouraging. To address this knowledge gap, the companies implementing the new product wanted advanced training so their administrators could get ZENworks Configuration Management working at maximum capacity.

To address the knowledge gap, Spark National partnered with Novell to deliver an early adopters course known as Jumpstart-Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management (Course 8000). Clients saw this course as a great way to get the knowledge they needed to implement the new ZENworks product in their environments. In fact, this course was so well received by Spark National’s clients, that the company ended up delivering the course both in class and to an extended audience in a live, online format.

Recently one student who took the training in class was even able to take part of the class in the classroom and the other part of it online so he could be back in his hometown for one of the three days of training. Without the ability to take the class online, the student would not have been able to complete the training for several more weeks or months. “I really enjoyed Spark National training. The staff were really supportive to my special circumstances and easily accommodated my needs. This particular course was offered both in class and remote. The staff at Spark National was able to grant me a remote session to the classroom which enabled me to participate in the training with minimal interruption in the course instruction,” said Raymond Schade, Network Administrator of Guelph Hydro Electric System Inc. As an alternative to in-class or live, online training, some students often elect to self-study the materials covered. In some cases this can work, but with most skill sets Spark National trains for, clients recognize structured Novell certified curriculum as the best way to acquire the skills they need.

As a result of Spark National’s delivery of Jumpstart-Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management (Course 8000), clients are prepared to deploy ZENworks Configuration Management in their environments with confidence and success. Deployment times are cut in half and support requirements are significantly lower.“We were trying out the demo version of ZENworks. Support for this product was very difficult to obtain. After taking this course, we were able to properly configure the software. We were able to successfully deploy ZENworks in our test environment and demonstrate proof of concept,” said Schade.

As a result of the training being available live and online, many students received training that would have otherwise been inaccessible. They would have had to resort to weeks of self study or expensive travel to a distant training facility.


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