Importing a ZRS Report


Once you have downloaded your report from the ZRS Community, follow these steps to import your report into your ZRS instance:

  1. In a command prompt on your ZRS server, run the following command (with all elements in a single command, no line break):

    zman rpd <file path> <destination folder> WID


    <file path> is the path to and name of your report, in double-quotes

    <destination folder> is the path in your ZRS directory where you'd like your report placed, in double quotes

    Note – if you have not cached your ZCM Zone username and password with the "zman asc" command, you will be prompted for them. Alternately, you may specify them as part of your command line by adding the -U and -P options.

    For example, if I want to import the "Windows 7 System Readiness Report" from the export example into the same location in a different ZRS folder structure, I would download the WID from the ZRS Community and save it in a folder on my ZRS Server – call it ZRS-Comm on my D$ drive. Then, the command would be:

    zman rpd "D:\ZRS-Comm\Win-7-ready.wid" "Novell ZENworks Reports/Custom Reports"  WID


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