Distribution and installation of Filr 1.0 Windows Desktop Clients in Silent mode



The purpose of this document is to provide detailed steps to distribute and install Filr windows desktop clients using ZENworks Bundles. If Filr needs to be deployed in a huge environment, these steps would help save lot of time in deploying Filr 1.0 windows desktop clients.

In this process we will distribute and install Filr windows desktop clients in silent mode using ZENworks bundles. The following sections describe a step by step procedure to achieve this.


    1. Pre-requisites for ZENworks clients and Filr 1.0 Windows clients is ".NET Framework 4.0" since both the clients need the same pre-requisites, assuming that all the managed devices are pre-installed with ".NET Framework 4.0".


    1. Copy the .msi installables for Filr 1.0 Windows desktop clients from the Filr Appliance under the location "/opt/novell/filr/apache-tomcat/webapps/desktopapp/novellfilr/windows". Copy both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Creating 32-bit and 64-bit bundles to deploy Filr Windows Desktop Clients via ZENworks bundles:

Below are the steps to create a 32-bit bundle in ZENWorks and assign this bundle to 32-bit Windows managed devices.

Steps to create a bundle in ZEN ZCC console:

    1. Open and login to ZCC console.


    1. Create a New Bundle. (Bundles>>New>>Bundle...)


    1. Select "Windows Bundle" and click Next.


    1. Select "MSI Application" and click Next.


    1. Provide a Bundle name (say for example, Filr-Win32) and Click Next.


    1. Click on  icon next to "Upload .msi file for normal install:", browse and select the 32-bit msi file which you have copied in pre-requisites # 2.


    1. Leave the Install Parameters as is and click Next.


    1. Do not provide anything for "Executable to run: " and click Next.


    1. Select "Define Additional Properties" and click on Finish.


    1. This would create the ZEN bundle for distributing Filr 1.0 Windows 32-bit Desktop Clients.

Note: You can now repeat the Steps #2 to #9 and create a new ZEN bundle to distribute Filr 1.0 Windows 64-bit Desktop Clients. Make sure to select the 64-bit msi in Step #6.

Steps to Assign the created bundles to ZEN managed devices:

    1. Click on the ZEN Bundle(s) you have created. For example, Click on "Filr-Win32" bundle.


    1. Click on the "Relationships" tab.


    1. We can either assign the bundle to Device(s) or to User(s). Since this is desktop client, ideally assigned to Devices. In this example, we shall perform Device Assignment.


    1. Click on "Add" under "Device Assignments"


    1. Select the appropriate Windows 32-bit managed devices and click Ok.


    1. Click Next.


    1. Select "Distribution Schedule" and click Next.


    1. From "Schedule Type:" drop down, select "Now". Check the check box's for "Install Immediately after Distribution" and "Launch Immediately after Installation". Click Next.


    1. Click Finish.

Later in this step, Filr 1.0 deployment process would kick start on the assigned managed devices.

Troubleshooting Tips:

After the ZEN bundle has been successfully distributed on the managed devices, sometimes the Filr installation would not be successful.

This might be because the download of Filr desktop client might be delayed due to Network Bandwidth. The task would resume on its own and complete at the next schedule interval or we can manually refresh on the managed device to complete the task.


This document will help administrators to push and deploy Filr 1.0 Windows desktop clients in their huge environment with hundred's of ZEN managed devices.



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Comment List
  • very nice to spend a few hours on reading this article and creating the Windows bundles like this, but we use Bundle Commander which is included with ZENworks. Using Bundle Commander it took us only a few minutes to download the setups out of the Application Setup Center and to create the Windows bundles for the Filr Client for Windows
  • Great and clear article!

    There is an easier and faster method already included with Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP2: Bundle Commander Standard Edition.

    Bundle Commander Standard Edition comes with configuration wizards for Novell GroupWise,
    Novell Vibe Desktop and Novell Filr.
    They make deploying any of those three clients easy, fast and manageable.

    Excellent addition to ZCM 11.2 and available for free for any ZCM 11.2 customer.

    If you like the functionality of Bundle Commander Standard Edition, you may want to have a look at www.bundlecommander.com/.../products to compare it with the extra features included in Bundle Commander Professional Edition.

    Raymond Meijll