Integrating ZENworks with the Apple Volume Purchase Program and License Distribution



This document explains the process of integrating ZENworks with the Apple Volume Purchase Program and the license distribution options with emphasis on reserving licenses for specific devices or users.

The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allows businesses and schools to purchase apps and books in volume. By integrating with ZENworks Configuration Management, you can easily distribute and manage these app licenses.

The article covers the following topics:

    • Linking ZENworks with Apple VPP and replicating bundles for each app purchased using Apple VPP.


    • Assigning bundles to users or devices.


    • License distribution options that includes license reservation.


    • ZENworks 2017 or a newer version should be installed in the management zone


    • A VPP account should be created in the Apple portal

Linking ZENworks with Apple VPP and Replicating Bundles

    1. Log into ZENworks Control Center (ZCC).


    1. In the left pane, click Mobile Management. The Getting Started with Mobile Management page is displayed.


    1. In the Apple VPP Subscription section, click New VPP Subscription.
      In the left pane of ZCC, click Subscribe and Share > New > Subscription. From the list, select Apple VPP Subscription and click Next.

    1. Specify a name for the subscription, the folder in which the subscription will be created, and a short description of the subscription (if any) and click Next.


    1. On the Configure Apple Volume Purchase Program page, perform the following:

        • Download the Apple Volume Purchase Program Token:

            1. Click the Volume Purchase Program Enrollment Web Portal link to sign in to the Apple VPP portal using the Apple Deployment Program account.

            1. Download the VPP token from the Account Summary page.

        • Link ZENworks to the Volume Purchase Program server:

            1. Browse and upload the VPP token. Information that is associated with the token is retrieved and populated.

            1. Verify whether the token details are correct.

            1. (Conditional) If the uploaded token was used in a different management zone, then you will have to claim management of the token. Select the Claim Management check box and click Next.

      If you claim management, then the license details associated with the previous management zone will be reset. The subscription status will either be ‘New’ or ‘Claim in progress'.


    1. For each app purchased through Apple VPP, ZENworks retrieves the app details from Apple and creates iOS bundles. On the Bundle Creation Settings page, click the browse icon to select a folder location in which the iOS bundles will be created. You can also configure additional app settings for the bundles. Click Next.


    1. Select a schedule (No Schedule, Date Specific or Recurring) based on which, bundles for the purchased apps will be replicated in the management zone.


    1. Select the Launch the Apple Volume Purchase Program Summary page immediately after saving check box to navigate to the Apple VPP Summary page on clicking the Finish button. The Volume Purchase Program License Summary page provides a single view of all the apps purchased using the VPP accounts associated with all the VPP subscriptions created within your management zone.

      Alternatively, bundles can be replicated by performing one of the following actions:

        • Select a subscription from the Subscribe and Share section and navigate to Quick tasks > Run Now.

        • Click a subscription from the Subscribe and Share section and on the Edit Subscription page, click Run Now.

        • Navigate to the Volume Purchase Program Licenses Summary page, select the app, and then click Actions > Create Bundle.

Apple VPP Summary page

You can track VPP app license availability or consumption on this page. Alternatively, you can navigate to this page by clicking Mobile Management > Apple VPP.

Assigning Bundles

To view VPP bundles, navigate to Bundles in ZCC. Click an Apple VPP Subscription folder. The bundles will be listed within this folder. Bundles can be assigned to users or devices:

    • Bundles assigned to devices: If a bundle is assigned to a device, then for each device one license will be consumed. Device assignment is applicable for devices running on OS version 9.x and above.


    • Bundles assigned to users: If a bundle is assigned to a user, then one license will be consumed by the user. The user can install the app on maximum, 10 devices.

During bundle installation, ZENworks sends the iTunes store ID of the app to the device. Using this ID, the device downloads the app from the iTunes store.

License Distribution

ZENworks by default distributes licenses on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, ZENworks also lets you distribute licenses reserved for a specific set of users and their associated devices.

    • First-come, First-serve (FCFS)

As soon as VPP bundles are assigned, those iOS devices that sync with the ZENworks Server first, will receive the assigned licenses. Devices can sync based on a scheduled refresh or a manual refresh.

    1. Scheduled Refresh: for a scheduled refresh, configure the Device Refresh and Removal schedule.


    1. Manual Refresh: For a manual refresh, the user can click the refresh icon on the ZENworks User Portal or the administrator can click the Refresh Device quick task in ZCC.

If a VPP bundle is assigned to a user, then two refresh actions are required to be performed. On the first refresh, the user gets associated with the VPP program and on the second refresh the user will receive the app. When the user is associated with the VPP program, then any new assignments will require only one refresh.

The user must be logged in with the same iTunes id that was used to register to Apple VPP to receive user-assigned apps on all the devices. If the user wants to change the iTunes id, then all the devices of the user must be unenrolled from the management zone and re-enrolled.

License Reservation

To distribute licenses to specific devices or users, you need to manually initiate a sync in ZCC to sync the device with the ZENworks Server first. Therefore, after bundle assignment, instead of waiting for the scheduled refresh, you can perform one of the following actions:

    • Perform a Refresh Device quick task for the device for which you want to reserve licenses. This device will sync with the ZENworks Server first and receive the assigned apps.

      As stated in the section First-come, First-serve (FCFS), if a VPP bundle is assigned to the user, then two refresh actions are required to be performed for the bundle to be installed on the device.


    • Perform an Install Bundle quick task (applicable for device assignments only).



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