Dynamic Workstation Group automatic creation from template for ZENworks Configuration Management

ZCM 11.x does not provide a scripting method for administrators to create multiple Dynamic Workstation Groups from a template. This script makes it easier for administrators to create multiple Dynamic groups from a template which includes, group name, group path, filter (device-hostname) and description.

The script is currently available only for Oracle database (SQL Server soon to follow)

Please post a comment for any specific template requests.

Refer to the README before using.

How to use:

Important: Take a reliable back up of the database before running the script.

Creating the template file

  1. Using any preferred spreadsheet software create a txt file (called requirement.txt) to contain the following information (Dynamic Group Name, Dynami Group Path, Hostname filter, Description of the group)

  • Follow the following format for the requirement.txt file: Group_Name1,/~Devices~/~Workstations~/Folder,HostName1,Description[no commas inside description] See: dgtemplate_example.csv

  • Place dynamic_group.py and requirement.txt in the same location

  • Run: python dynamic_group.py

  • dgtemplate.csv will be created in the above location

Running the Dynamic Group Create procedure in Oracle 11g on a Unix/Linux server. ZCM server can be running on either Windows or Linux

  1. DG folder has to be created by the Oracle user or any user that oracle database will have rights to.

  • Copy dgtemplate.csv to /tmp/Dynamic_Group, make sure Oracle has rights to the file

  • Run using any sql client DynamicGroupAuto.sql (make sure to edit the sql file in case the zenworks user is different from zenadmin [search the script for zenadmin])


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