ZENworks Service Desk has come up with an all new look for its Customer portal in V8.1


The much awaited release of ZENworks Service Desk 8.1 (& 8.1.1) brings an all new end user experience by improving the usability and by providing key new capabilities requested by our technicians. This includes following enhancements (Part of v8.1):

  • Most of the traditional end-user portal capabilities have been moved to the new, modernized end user portal. This includes:
    • A new end-user portal home page dashboard that makes it easy for end users to see the things that are most important to them.
    • Ability to easily open common calls through the use of Quick Calls.
    • Modernized access to the knowledge base including improved search capabilities.
    • Improved Survey experience.
    • Ability to view end user assigned items and services in the new end user portal.
    • Outage notification.
    • New status that makes it easy for users to see when requests are waiting for their input or approval.
  • Extend and simplify the information gathering process in a user-friendly way by providing dynamic form creation and filling for Quick Calls
  • Customer driven technician portal enhancements
    • Enhancement of request visibility to Technician
    • Ability to create Service Requests on a Hardware Item
    • New Canned Workflows for Line Manager Approval for Store Items
    • Re-sizable Text area in Technician Portal
  • Extended integration with ZENworks
    • New store extensions to allow assignments to be made by placing ZENworks devices in to ZENworks device groups.
    • New storage extension to facilitate requesting access to OS deployment bundles through the ZENworks Service Desk store.

In addition to above enhancements, following features are added as part of ZENworks Service Desk v8.1.1

  • Option to raise Generic Request by making the Item selection either Optional or Hidden from the end user.
  • The new Login screen can now be customized to include custom text such as legal information.
  • Item search suggestions are now displayed along with the configured identifier, thereby enabling end user to easily identify items while creating a request within the customer portal.
  • The complete details of an alert can now be viewed by end-user.
  • Mobile Device, Documentation, and Software can now be configured as Service categories.
  • The Quick Call Listing page in the customer portal has been updated to provide the description
    and item name details for each quick call.
  • Administrator can now configure the maximum size limit for emails with attachments by specifying the livetime.fileSizeLimit value within the system.properties file. By default, the value is setas 100 MB.



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