Installing ZENworks Adaptive Agent in Embedded XP Devices


This Cool Solution helps you to deploy the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to the Embedded XP devices that do not have cacls.exe installed as a part of the Operating System utilities.

I. Introduction

The cacls.exe file is a Windows Operating system utility that displays or modifies the access control list (ACL) of files and folders. The ZENworks Configuration Management Deployment utility internally uses the cacls.exe for modifying the ACL of the folders and files that are used by the ZENworks Adaptive Agent for management.

If an Embedded XP device does not have the cacls.exe installed as a part of the Operating System utilities, you can still deploy the agent along with the cacls.exe to that Embedded XP device by configuring the Pre/Post Deployment page during the ZENworks Configuration Management Deploy Device Wizard.

The Pre/Post Deployment page allows you to specify commands that you want to run before and after the Adaptive Agent is installed on a device. You can upload the cacls.exe to the ZENworks Server and copy it to the target device during deployment task. The commands are passed to the preagent as part of the deployment task package.

II. Deploying the ZENworks Adaptive Agent by using a Deployment Task

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Deployment tab.

  • In the Deployment Tasks panel, click New to launch the Deploy Device Wizard.

  • On the Enter Deployment Task Name page, specify a name for the task, then click Next.

  • On the Select Devices page, click Add and select the devices on which you want to install the Adaptive Agent, then click Next.

  • On the Enter Credentials page, provide the usernames and passwords required to deploy the Adaptive Agent to the devices included in the task, then click Next.

  • On the Select Schedule page, specify the schedule to run the task, then click Next.

  • On the Select Primary Server page, select the ZENworks Server that you want to perform the deployment task.

  • On the General Options page, select the desired reboot option.

  • On the Add Registration Key page, select a registration key to use during the registration portion of the deployment process.

  • On the Pre/Post Deployment page, do the following:

    1. In the Pre-deployment Commands pane, click Add to create the command that you want to run.

  • In the Build Command dialog box, click Command and type cmd.exe, then click Arguments.

  • In the Enter Arguments dialog box, type the following arguments in the Arguments Lists field:

    • /C

  • copy

  • cacls.exe

  • C\WINDOWS\system32

  • In the Build Command dialog box, click Add to browse for the cacls.exe file to be uploaded to the ZENworks Server, then click OK.

  • In the Deploy Device wizard, click Finish.

The deployment task is added to the list in the Deployment Tasks panel. You can use the panel to manage current tasks and create new tasks for deploying the ZENworks Adaptive Agent to devices. After the task is finished, the cacls.exe is copied to the target device.

For more information, see the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Discovery, Deployment, and Retirement Reference (


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