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ZfS Alerts


Ever had the situation that you are at home and want to see what alerts were recorded by ZfS? You could open the ZfS Alerts within ConsoleOne, but that takes quite a while...

This Servlet allows you to view the 10 most recent alerts from the alert database with just as much as a browser. You can narrowing down by the level of severity and timespan for alerts. An automatic refresh of the page is done every 10 minutes.

System Requirements

  • Apache and Tomcat4 or Tomcat5

  • NetWare, OES, SLES, ...(anything that runs Apache/Tomcat. Apache config only provided for NetWare. Tested on OES1 Linux and NetWare 6.5)

  • Server with ZfS MMS/Alert Databse. ZfSAlerts can run on a different server

Enhanced Version

If you like the Servlet, send us a email to zfsalerts(at)mfnet.ch and we are happy to send you an enhanced version that allows you to configure the number of displayed alerts, the refresh frequency and alowes to read in more alerts.

Want More Features ?

If you have an idea how new features could help you, let us know. If it is easy, we'll do it right away. If it is complicated, we will think about it...



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