Updates to ZENworks 10 Configuration Management

They've just released ZENworks Configuration Management Hotfix

This addresses issues such as:

  • Policy Handlers are not exiting after a successful execution
  • Updating to ZCM 10.0.3 doesn't update the ZENworks Imaging Tools download page
  • Colw32 Error running scan on Windows XP or Vista device
  • Unable to create Add-on images after upgrading to ZCM 10.0.3
  • Reboot loop on patch bundle after applying ZCM 10.0.3

And much more.

Check it out to see what's included.


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Comment List
  • By now I have had some contact with Novell about this. And it is reported as a Bug, it will be solved in SP!, but you need the tab to get sp1 deployed... so.. If you have a problem with this, place a call at novell, they can help you. it depends on what type o database you use... to get de timeout=0 for the stages back to anythin but 0. because that was the reason for breaking the updates tab. as soon as you set the stage timeout to 0 the tab is broken.

    hope this is usefull info...
  • Same issue over here Jeroen. The Systems Updates Tab is very kaput. We cannot wait for 'Corona' to solve the problem because we have a deadline for this project. Hoping for some magic from BfN (Boys from Novell).

    grt. gjkpn
  • Update,

    After I rebooted the ZCM servers twice the hotfix did deploy to a test device OK. en the patch did resolve some problems, but now my Systems Updates Tab in ZCM is kaput. I can not access my Systems Updates anymore to configure a deployment to all devices...

    to be continued..
  • Hello,

    I have downloaded the hotfix, deployed it to several agents, but al of them have the same error saying "One or more pre-requisite updates failed to install to this device. Ensure all pre-requisite updates have been applied successfully and try again."

    The ZCM enviroment is a clean install from the 10.0.3 iso, its a 2 primary server and external MS SQL database server setup. close to go in production, but we have the slow login/logout problem...

    any one have a sugestion?