ENGL Z-Remote™ for ZENworks

Since the release of ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM), one of the most commonly requested enhancements from ZENworks administrators is for a standalone remote management tool.

Of course, you can do remote management using the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC), but most helpdesk technicians find the process of establishing a ZCC remote control session time consuming. Also, a lot of organizations would prefer not to give all technicians access to ZCC.

Z-Remote is born!

At ENGL, with the above in mind, we designed a standalone Windows application that allows helpdesk technicians to quickly find a ZCM managed device and establish a remote control session.

Z-Remote Main Window

Searching for devices

To search for devices, simply enter a search string and click the search for devices button, which will display a list of ZCM devices matching the search criteria in the results column. Initially, the devices will appear with an unknown (grey) status icon, but in the background, the status of each device will checked and a device's status icon will turn to either an online (green) or offline (black) icon. The device status timeout can be configured from the Settings tab on the ribbon bar.

Searching for users

To search for users from a ZCM user source, simply enter a search string and click the search for users button, which will display a list of users in the results column matching the search criteria. To display previously used devices, click the expand icon next to the user. As described above when searching for devices, the status of each user device will be refreshed automatically.

Adding a device or user to favourites

Devices or users can be added to the favourites by selecting either a device or user in the results column, right-clicking to display the context menu, then selecting Add to favourites. The select device or user will appear in the favourites column.

Establishing remote control

By default, to initiate a remote control session, simply double-click a device with an online status. Alternatively, right-click the device and select Remote control from the context menu. As well as remote control, a remote view session can also be established using the context menu.

Z-Remote can automatically accept session certificate prompts which is configured in the Settings tab.  The session authentication type (password or rights) can also be configured.


Remote control is just the beginning. We are working on bringing more remote management functionality to Z-Remote customers. If you have an suggestion, let us know by filling in an enhancement request from the Z-Remote home page.

Downloading a Trial

ENGL Z-Remote product details and links for evaluation trials can be found here:


About ENGL

ENGL specialises in writing products for ZENworks that simplify Windows OS deployment and management.




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