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ZENworks Reporting ships with a whole repository of standard pre-defined reports. These ready to use reports cover a variety of use cases. However, as we all know, while working with reports, there is a frequent need to either remove a column, add a new one or even modify a filter criterion. All these changes can be done using Jaspersoft Studio. However, since all these standard reports currently do not use ZENworks Domain and instead rely on direct SQL execution, it is very difficult to make changes to any of these reports. So this cool solution would really come in handy for all those who want to do the following:

  • Make tweaks to existing reports

  • Use existing reports as a starting point to create new reports.

This cool solution lets you import a set of pre-defined reports into ZENworks Reporting. These reports are exact replica of pre-defined reports available with the standard installation. The key thing is that these reports have been created using domain objects. Thus, once imported these reports can be easily modified in Jaspersoft Studio. These can also be used as a template for a new report.

All the pre-defined reports present in following folders in ZENworks Reporting are bundled along with this cool solution.

  • Asset Management

  • Asset Management\Inventory

  • Bundles and Policies

  • Discovered Devices

  • Patch Management

  • ZENworks System

  • ZENworks System\Power Management

These folders are present at following location in Report repository: \Organization\Reports\ZENworks\Predefined Reports

Following are the set of steps to get started:

Import Reports into ZENworks Reporting Server:

  1. Download the Cool Solution

  • Login to ZENworks Reporting as an administrator.

  • Go to Manage > Server Settings.

  • Click on Import under Settings.


  • Clear all the import options.

  • Browse to the Cool file.

  • Click the Import button.

At this time, all the reports should get imported into Jaspersoft Repository and should reside in \Organization\Reports\Cool Solution.

Once imported these reports can now be further edited in Jaspersoft Studio. Make sure that Jaspersoft Studio is configured and can connect to ZENworks Reporting. You can refer the documentation here: Connecting Jaspersoft Studio 5.6 to ZENworks Reporting.

Edit Reports in Jaspersoft Studio:

  1. In Jaspersoft Studio, go to Reports > Cool Solution > select the required domain.

  • Click the predefined report. Basically, the main jrxml file.

  • In the Outline panel, Right-click the report and then click Dataset and Query. If Outline not visible, Go to Window > Show View > Outline.


  • In the Dataset and Query dialog, select the proper server and domain, drag all the required fields in the domain for the report every time from the left side to the Fields in the right side and then click Get Fields.

    DataSet and QueryDialog

  • While adding the fields, if all the fields from the left side is not added each time, old fields will be missed out. Make sure all the fields are added every time during modification.

  • Click Add and then OK.

  • Go to the Main Report and click the Design tab.

  • Select the text field element.

  • Go to the corresponding properties panel > Text Field > Expression.


  • Select the fields value in expression editor for the respective text field element and then click Finish.

  • Modify the report as required and then click Save.

  • Click OK to publish changes in the ZENworks Reporting.



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