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With 2010 just around the corner, many companies are testing, evaluating and planning a move to Windows 7, but many are wondering how to efficiently make the migration across their entire organization. Today, Novell has released an update for ZENworks Configuration Management (10.2.2) that offers full Windows 7 support. With a unique policy-based approach, ZENworks Configuration Management, together with advanced imaging and personality migration features, can help companies accelerate the ir Windows 7 migration process, automatically restore end-user environments and minimize business disruptions.


Download the latest ZENworks Configuration Management (10.2.2) update here. Also, go here to compare ZENworks to alternatives and see why it offers customer's the best value for their system management dollars.


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  • Hi Richard,

    The answer to your question is yes but let me address 2 different areas regarding your question:

    1. Yes, you can create a bundle that will kick-off the Windows 7 install and deploy it to your workstations - and upgrade your existing operating system to Windows 7. We don't perform the actual install but push out the OS to the workstation. Microsoft doesn't provide a migration path from XP to Windows 7 but it installs Windows 7 from scratch into a new directory. You will then have to install the agent on Windows 7 then use the "ZAC reregister" comand to merge the two devices in your zone.

    2. Yes, ZCM 10.2.2 will support all of your current bundles, policies and associations under Windows 7 but make sure you run ZAC to reregister all of your devices.

    Hope this helps!


    Gil Cattelain
    Senior Product Marketing Manager
    Novell Inc.
  • Will ZENworks Configuration Management support migrating from Windows XP directly to Windows 7?
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