Knowledge Document: iOS VPP apps do not show the proper amount of licenses available in ZENworks



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ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 Update 2
ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 Update 3


When using Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) apps, the number of licenses for a specific app do not match what should be available.  For example, Test App should have 50 licenses available to distribute but Apple is only showing 45 licenses available.


There are times that assigning and releasing licenses through VPP may not process successfully and the count may become incorrect.  This is most often seen in environments where a VPP token may have been moved between a test and production environment and the licenses had not been properly retrieved prior to moving.


If the count of seats is correct within Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager then simply performing a "Run Now" action for the VPP Subscription within ZENworks should reconcile the incorrect license count.

When the count is incorrect within Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, additional steps must be taken to to correct this discrepancy.  It is best to contact Apple directly to ensure the proper steps are taken on the Apple side to resolve the discrepancy.

Apple will likely recommend using Apple Configurator with the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager account being used for VPP to revoke the invalid license assignments so they can be re-assigned.  Putting the VPP token into Apple Configurator will take ownership of that token and it will no longer be associated with ZENworks.  In order to avoid any issues with existing and properly functioning users, the following steps should be followed.
  • Do NOT remove the VPP token from within ZENworks.  Doing so would result in existing users and existing assignments being further corrupt.
  • After importing the VPP token into Apple Configurator and allowing it to take ownership, identify the problematic licenses and revoke them. See instructions from Apple for proper procedure.
  • Once the license count is reflecting correctly in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, the connection can then be fixed to allow ZENworks to take ownership of the VPP token back. See following knowledge base article on how to correct the VPP token association with ZENworks.

Additional Information

It is important that the VPP token is not deleted from within ZENworks during this process. If the token is deleted, then it would need to be added as a "new" subscription and all existing assignments would be lost and need re-assigned to devices.  To avoid issues with end users, the token should remain within ZENworks even when ownership is given to Apple Configurator temporarily.


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