Knowledge Document: ZENworks 23.4 deployment fails if Automatic PostgreSQL backup is configured to non default path



ZENworks 23.4 


ZENworks 23.4 system update deployment fails if AutomaticPostgresMaintenanceConfigureAction is configured to a non-default path for an automatic backup of the PostgreSQL database on the Primary Server.  

See 23.4 system update log file: Zuper_microfocus-zenworks-server- for the below error:  

[DEBUG] [11/22/2023 16:43:33.360] [12584] [ZUPER] [7] [] [RUN_COMMAND] [] [Running docker-compose -f docker-compose.common.yml -f docker-compose.kafka.yml -f -f docker-compose.yml stop
[INFO] [11/22/2023 16:43:33.388] [12584] [ZUPER] [7] [] [RUN_COMMAND] [] [service "zenpostgres" has neither an image nor a build context specified: invalid compose project
[ERROR] [11/22/2023 16:43:33.390] [12584] [ZUPER] [1] [] [MAIN] [] [Command failed {ID=update_Command_9,Type=RUN_COMMAND,Command=scripts/,TargetRule=LINUX,AsyncOption={RunAsync=false}} exit status 15] [] [] [] [ZUPER]
[ERROR] [11/22/2023 16:43:33.390] [12584] [ZUPER] [1] [] [MAIN] [] [failed to execute commands] 
[DEBUG] [11/22/2023 16:43:33.390] [12584] [ZUPER] [1] [] [MAIN] [] [Cleaning up zuper directory /opt/novell/zenworks/zuper/work/microfocus-zenworks-server-] [] [] [] [ZUPER]

For details about automatic backup configuration, see,  where the non-default backup directory is configured in pgsql-maintenance.xml file. Note that /var/opt/microfocus/zenworks is the default backup directory for the database. 



The update command fails due to the presence of /opt/microfocus/zenworks/share/compose/  created on the Primary at the time of executing  AutomaticPostgresMaintenanceConfigureAction for maintaining automatic PostgreSQL database backups.

Due to the presence of this file, when stopping the docker container-specific services, it encounters the above error for zenpostgres and the system update fails on package microfocus-zenworks-server- 


The issue has been reported to engineering for resolution.

As a workaround, move /opt/microfocus/zenworks/share/compose/ file to a temporary directory like /tmp.
Then re-deploy the ZENworks 23.4 System Update to this Primary to proceed with the update. 
After the system update is completed on the Primary Server, move this file again to the original path /opt/microfocus/zenworks/share/compose. 

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