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ZENworks Service Desk v8.3.0
ZENworks Service Desk v8.3.1
ZENworks Service Desk v23.3
ZENworks Service Desk v23.4


Upgrading to ZENworks Service Desk v24.1 is dependent on the previous supported versions.

These supported versions can be upgraded directly to v24.1.
The intermediate versions do not need to be installed.

Older versions can be upgraded to ZSD v8.3 by reviewing The ZSD v8.3 Upgrade Cookbook TID KM000004130.
This article will Include common upgrade/update best practices with html links to official documentation and videos.



ZSD v24.1 Upgrade Method: Side-by-Side
  • Plan Downtime
  • Have a Back-out Plan
  • Refer to the ZSD Upgrade/Migration guide for specifics
  • Each upgrade keeps System files, Security files & Database schema current
  • OS & Product Security Updates (via Online Updates) – 3 month cadence
  • Appliances have embedded PostgreSQL database preconfigured
  • Appliances require an additional virtual disk (vastorage)
  • Administrators & passwords available (OS, Systems, DBA)
  • Some customization files may not be migrated
  • ZENworks Service Desk is an Appliance model only system
  • Leave the external database running during upgrade (if applicable)
  • File integrity - perform Checksum (MD5) on Downloaded Files from SLD
    • servicedesk-prereq-24.1.0-0.noarch.rpm
    • (pick for your hypervisor)
  • System & Database Requirements
    • Disk Space Required for Appliance (5Gb+ free)
    • Database Space
  • Time Sync between ZSD Server & Database
  • ZSD Server and Database server are on the same subnets
Post Upgrade
  • Verify connected systems (Email, LDAP, ZRS, ZCM, etc.)
  • Re-register to the Online Update Channel
  • Update corporate systems information binder

Start the Process

Pre upgrade Tasks

ZSD current production server prep before upgrade (on ZSD v8.3.x or v23.x)

Download / Copy Pre-migration rpm file servicedesk-prereq-24.1.0-0.noarch.rpm
On the Terminal/Console run commands to stop the servicedesk service and run the prereq
systemctl  stop  servicedesk.service
rpm  –ihv  servicedesk-prereq-24.1.0-0.noarch.rpm
Running this prepares the 2nd disk in the appliance for the migration process
Power down ZENworks Service Desk v8.3.x or v23.x Server

Install Process


Download / Open the ZSD v24.1 image settings (Do not power up)
Copy older system VAStorage virtual disk #2 (8.3.x, 23.x)
Attach the copied virtual disk #2 to ZSD v24.1 server
Power up ZSD v24.1 Appliance
  • Accept the License
  • Enter the root & sdadmin passwords
Open a browser and log into ZSD Administration Console (9443)
  • Notice the version 24.1 in upper left corner
  • This ZSD system assumes the identity of your production server
Select “Technician Portal” tile
Verify the message "Database has been successfully upgraded to Version #24.1"
Select Close and your Technician login will appear.

Post Upgrade Tasks

  • NTP settings
  • Network, DNS Settings
Update License (if entitlement changed)
Apply Online Updates
  • Re-register v24.1 Appliance with same Activation Key (SLD)
  • Set Online Update Channel Schedules (optional)
Verify/Restore Custom Settings (conditional)
  • Banners & CSS files (picture banners & color themes - do not replace files!)
  • servicedesk.server configuration (java settings)
  • server.xml & web.xml configurations (session timeout and non-default ports)
  • External Certificate(s)
  • Other files (see Customization File Reference slide)
Verify/Restore External System Communications
  • Database connection, e-Mail configuration, LDAP settings
  • AMIE, ZENworks, ZENworks Import, OpenID, Single-Sign-On, Password-Self-Service, ZRS
  • Other system communication: Two-FF Auth, Federation connections, etc.
Perform a successful Backup/Snapshot of new ZSD v24.1 server, database and components
Update your Company’s ZSD System Configuration Documentation
Configure New Features  (Reports, Reset SLA, etc.)

Additional Information

  • Side-by-Side method used yearly (24.1, 25.1, etc.)
  • In-Place method used on other quarters (24.2, 24.3, 24.4, 25.2, etc.)
ZSD Upgrade/Migration Documentation
ZSD Customization Cookbook TID KM000002551 has configuration scenarios, branding, troubleshooting TIDs for your reference.

Legacy ZSD Upgrade TIDs

ZSD v8.3 Upgrade Cookbook - TID KM000004130
ZSD v8.2 Upgrade Cookbook - TID 7023510

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