Knowledge Document: Set Customer Default Date/Style Review


ZSD v8.3.x and above in the new Customer Portal

Tech Portal: Home --> My Account
Admin Portal: My Account
The dates displayed in the customers ' Requests' tab are in US format and not UK 

  1. Default Date Format for Customer (Example: "Date format is not in the customer portal - it's in the request screen for the technician. Date format is US for UK.)
  2. Dates are getting set as 'future date' or some of the open date records are missing/empty


  1. Default date format for the customer user can be set [Admin] -> Setup -> Privileges -> Customer -> Default Date Style. However, applying this will affect the newly imported/created customer users only.
  2.  Dates are getting set as 'future date' or open date records are missing/empty - For open date, it is working as designed. Created date will be the date when the request is logged in the system, but the open date will be blank until the request is moved to a state where SLA is active.  When request is moved to the state where SLA is Active, that date will be recorded as a open date.

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