Knowledge Document: Creating KBA from a Request


ZSD v8.2.x and higher

How to Create a KBA from a Request

Fixing an issue and recording the process in a Note gives the technician the ability to create a KBA article from that Note to be edited for final publishing in the ZSD Knowledgebase.


The key is to expose the Propose button when sending a Note to the customer.

  • Add a Note making sure it is a "Public Note" will expose the "Propose" button.
  • Checking the "Create Knowledge" checkbox in the note.

The KBA should be created once the Note is responded to from the customer and the ticket is closed.
Ticket comes to Technician
Technician responds with a "Public" note (which allows a Propose button at the bottom)
Check Create Knowledgebase

The "Proposed" Note will be sent to the customer to verify if the proposed solution fixes the issue.
Notice on the Technician side in the Request there is a Create Kba checkbox in the request.

Correspondence goes back and forth between the Customer and Technician confirming a solution from that note.

Once the Request is CLOSED the kba article with the Create KBA checked a new article will appear in the Knowledgebase Article List to be available - there may need to be editing  of the article, because the solution in the article is the Note information that was proposed.

Notice the closing of the request created the KBA Solution in the Request Audit log.

Reviewing the closed Request, shows there is a Show Solution button.

Reviewing the Knowledgebase Articles you will see a New KBA article to be edited and published.

The KBA Title is the Request Subject (which may need to be edited)

The Article Solution is the Note that Proposed the solution to the customer.
In the KBA Editor you can continue to Edit and Publish the article for completion.

Review documentation for additional details

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