Case Study: Muskegon Family Care


Like many healthcare facilities, Muskegon Family Care suffered financially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patient visits were either postponed or canceled, and resources had to be diverted to introduce express testing stations for Muskegon Family Care residents. Michael Holder, Director Technology Operations for Muskegon Family Care, was asked by the CEO, Daniel Ogelsby, to perform an in-depth assessment of IT infrastructure to determine if any cost savings could be made: “When I looked at streamlining our processes, management of our endpoints was an obvious candidate for improvement. We had a variety of disparate tools and separate processes but nothing that could easily provide a big picture for tracking and inventory purposes. Every month 150 of our desktop and laptop devices had to be patched and updated with any of the 40 applications in use within the organization. This involved a manual and in-person effort of some four hours per device, as end users were waiting for updates. We were also conscious that we didn’t have automatic 3rd party patches, which could
 eave us vulnerable to security breaches.”

Read the full case study here.


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