Stave Off the Dark Side of the Web With ZENworks Full Disk Encryption

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In your battle against cybercrime, you’re feeling a bit like Han Solo and the Rebel Alliance in the fight against the dark side: You’re overwhelmed, to say the least.

If only you had the power of the Force at your fingertips to keep your business’s sensitive data safe from prying eyes, your job would be infinitely easier. Instead, fulfilling the responsibilities of your position is becoming increasingly difficult by the day, as you face an ever-increasing threat of cybercrime in tandem with a growing network of remote end users that need your protection. Each new endpoint storing sensitive data is vulnerability subject to exploitation by malevolent hackers.

Fortunately, a highly effective alternative to the Force exists, and you can use it to protect your digital information: ZENworks Full Disk Encryption from Micro Focus.

ZENworks Full Disk Encryption—part of the ZENworks 11 platform—simplifies the encryption process by providing a centralized, Web-based hub for deploying and enforcing hard disk encryption on Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8 machines. It grants system administrators the right to remotely lock and unlock network devices from any location, without causing a disruption and impacting productivity. ZENworks also facilitates immediate device commissioning.

What’s more, ZENworks comes with a centralized key management feature, which means that, in the event of a hardware failure, end users won’t be locked out of their information; the help desk will be able to simply log into the information through the cloud and restore access.

This solution meets government regulations and industry guidelines, such as the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 encryption module when used with OPAL hardware encryption or Seagate. And it meets FIPS 140-2 Level 1 encryption when used with software-based encryption.

In short, this solution grants the IT department the ability to perform device encryption silently, in the background, while end users go about their business—thus ensuring that security, compliance and productivity all remain intact.

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