Is Your IT Service Desk Falling Behind in the Digital Transformation Race?


Is Your IT Service Desk Falling Behind in the Digital Transformation Race? – ZENworks Service Desk 7.5 Coming Soon!

Right now, businesses across the board are pushing forward with digital transformation in an effort to modernize their infrastructure and processes. There is one area of the enterprise, however, that is falling behind in the digital transformation race — the IT service desk. Many organizations today are relying on outdated and ineffective service desks that cannot keep up with the pace of today’s workforce.

Consider this: Two thirds of IT organizations resolve fewer than 80 percent of incidents at the first point of contact. 76 percent of IT organizations frequently miss their targeted resolution times. And IT organizations detect and fix just 57 percent of critical errors before they impact the business.

Fortunately, recent advancements make it easy and affordable to modernize IT service desks. Micro Focus, for instance, will soon release a new version of ZENworks Service Desk, v. 7.5 — a feature-rich, PinkVerify ITIL service management solution that businesses can use to better align with their technical support teams.

Some of the top features of ZENworks Service Desk 7.5 include:

    • Improved ZENworks 2017 Integration: ZENworks Service Desk 7.5 integrates with the latest ZENworks Control Center helper, allowing IT administrators to remote control ZENworks 2017 devices. This version also includes support for the new Android bundles that were introduced in ZENworks 2017 Update 2.


    • Virtual Service Desk Appliance: This product is now offered only as a virtual appliance based on the Micro Focus common appliance framework. As such, it can be easily deployed across a variety of hypervisors, and managed and configured over a centralized web interface.


    • New LDAP Group Store Extension: This new extension allows businesses to list any service that can be offered over an LDAP group membership in the Service Desk store. Now, automated self service can be used for processes like granting file system permission, managing applications and more.

The best part is that ZENworks Service Desk 7.5 can be easily deployed thanks to a new introductory page. This saves time and frustration during the deployment process by telling administrators exactly what they need before getting started.

To learn more about ZENworks Service Desk 7.5, click here.

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