ZENworks 2017 Update 2 is Now Shipping


This week, we started shipping ZENworks Configuration Management 2017, Update 2 — the most comprehensive version of our renowned Unified Endpoint Management software to date.

Update 2 builds off the momentum we started with Update 1, which enabled support for iOS. Update 2 now supports Android, resulting in a complete platform agnostic system that you can use to manage all of your organization’s devices right from a single pane of glass. This includes desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Using ZENworks Configuration Management 2017, IT can establish a secure work profile on an employee’s device and then deploy applications to that secure area. All application data is isolated, and can be easily managed and even wiped right from a centralized location.

Here are some additional features that you will find in ZENworks 2017 Update 2:

Support for BitLocker: We have updated the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management policy to allow administrators to manage USB devices with BitLocker, which is built into Windows machines. This provides extra security protection for USB drives.

Multi-disk encryption: Now, you can use ZENworks Full Disk Encryption to secure all of the devices on a managed device, for full end-to-end protection.

Windows PE support for ZENworks Imaging: Our customers spoke, and we listened: Now, this version supports the latest Windows hardware while ensuring that any device on Windows 10 can be imaged with ZENworks.

Mobile inventory support: This platform can be used to identify applications that users install on their own, improving visibility and preventing shadow IT. With mobile inventory support, you won’t get blindsided by security issues from unknown applications.

Support for iCloud activation lock bypass: Now, when an employee leaves or is terminated, you will no longer need iCloud credentials to re-enroll their device. Activation lock bypass will allow you to reset the device with a unique code generated from Apple.

To learn more about ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 2, click here.

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