Reclaim Control of Your IT Department With the Novell ZENworks Suite


A few years ago, your IT department was a much simpler environment. Your business had few mobile endpoints to keep track of, if any. There were far less cybersecurity risks to worry about. And your company was much smaller, too.

My, how things have changed. Now, your business’s mobile endpoints are spiraling out of control as end users connect to your core network from remote laptops and personal PCs. Also, it’s growing increasingly difficult to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches, as digital security threats are now happening with much greater intensity and sophistication than in years past. Your business, in other words, has outgrown the stand-alone endpoint management and security software that used to keep your network and digital information secure.

What your IT department needs is a way to simplify endpoint management and reclaim control of its digital assets. The Novell ZENworks Suite from Novell is one solution that can facilitate this. As outlined in a new white paper from Novell, with the ZENworks platform, your business can gain a bundle of consolidation and management services for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase them separately. Here are a few of the features that ZENworks has to offer:

Client Management: Keep track of all of your end users in real time with this policy-driven configuration and provisioning service. You will never have to question who is accessing your network again.

Software Asset Management: As important as it is to keep track of your end users, you also need to monitor what devices they are using to connect to your network. ZENworks offers license tracking and compliance features, as well as asset management tools, so you can distribute software as it is needed—saving money by eliminating wastefulness.

Application Virtualization: Using ZENworks, you can provide instant access to business applications for your end users. ZENworks also allows you to provision software expiration dates, so you never have to worry about deploying applications with expired licenses. And through the use of Windows desktop containers, you can ensure that any information that is accessed through an application is safe and secure.

These are just a few of the exciting features offered in the ZENworks Suite from Novell. Click here to access the white paper and learn more.

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